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In a very real sense, a beautiful home is a composition. The natural environment, the architectural elements, the landscape and hardscape all these features should come together in harmony in the same way that the sounds and rhythms of different instruments come together in the hands of a great composer.

When a home is built into a community, it is important that the home becomes part of the community. When a home is built on acreage, it should become part of the land around it. The challenges may be different, but the vision is the same. Community of style, harmony of place.

Building a Neighborhood
Streets and communities should feel well planned. But within this context, homes should be personal expressions of individual style in harmony with the greater whole.

Following are some things to keep in mind for homes in communities, or on lots with special demands.

Sizing Up the Lot
There is a crucial relationship between the size and orientation of a lot and the size and scale of a home's architectural detailing. Smaller lots will seem larger if details such as entry porches, walls, windows, and doors are understated.

Orientation is very important and should take full advantage of the best features of the lot front, side, or back views, or striking features such as a wonderful old tree, park-greenscape, or a private lake. even the movement of the sun should be considered with regard to windows, dramatic or otherwise.

When positioning a home on a corner lot, it should be angled to connect with both streets. the corner home will then welcome all neighbors while providing privacy in the back yard. Good examples of corner orientation can be found on Lots 19 and 32 of CrayCroft at South Lake and Lots 6, 11, 12, 20 and 21 of South Lake Estates.

A Unique Approach
In a community, there should be two approaches, one for family and one for guests. The family approach is the driveway-motorcourt which brings them into the garage and through the utility areas of the home. Guests arrive via the sidewalk, which invites them to the front door, the foyer and the public rooms of the home.

The home's placement creates a natural dialogue with the street, and is often controlled by the resident. Homes should sit with their main floor at or above street level and purposefully connected to  but not overwhelming  the street.

A well-planned walkway opens its arms to visitors and draws them to the front porch, and front door. Site design elements such as edgewalls made of brick, stone, low fencing, or planting materials function both to connect the home to the community and to separate private spaces from public spaces.

Many homes have been built in CrayCroft which demonstrate the benefits of incorporating professional home design with many of the land planning features listed above. Working with your CHOSEN builder, award winning professional landscape architects are available to offer site, grading, and landscape plans to each Resident of CrayCroft at South Lake to those wanting to maximize the benefits associated with the lot of their choice.

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