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Classic American Neighborhood

The "Classic American Neighborhood" is back, with tree-lined streets and sidewalks, neighbors who share community spirit, along with the small, intimate park we all remember as the neighborhood's heart. In fact, a local example of a "Classic American Neighborhood" which has remained very popular over a very long period of time can be found in Decatur's West End.

CrayCroft at South Lake is attempting to capture all the comfort and familiar charm of the traditional American neighborhood of years past. The focus then was on the home itself, and secondly, the neighborhood around it. After all, the automobile had not yet come to dominate life the way it does today.

The homes at CrayCroft encourage design to compliment streets where people walk and visit with each other. Numerous architectural styles are anticipated, ranging from Pastoral Vernacular to American Eclectic, each encouraged to fit beautifully with a range of other homes. You'll also see fresh combinations of cedar shake, wood siding, stone, brick, and stucco.

In other words, homes should not give up their individuality to belong to a community.

Importantly, each home is encouraged to keep the focus where it belongs: on a welcoming front door, bay window or porch. To do this, we have encouraged each home to emphasize the pedestrian approach and de-emphasize the garage. This can be accomplished by either locating the garage to the rear of the home or discreetly locating the garage on the front with a motor court side entry.

All homes should be designed to ultimately work together within the neighborhood on the lot selected. Square footage ranges anticipated are from 2,200 to over 3,000.

On behalf of Roy Mosser and Associates, I hope you will find CrayCroft at South Lake as charming and comfortable as the neighborhoods from long ago which inspired this community.

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